Our Story

In 2019, the founders of Stress Less Live Better LLC (SLLB) came together with an idea to get affordable fitness equipment to the growing population of health-conscious Americans.

Our goal is to provide better fitness equipment than what was presently available at many major department stores. The products we sell are sturdy, stable, functional and comfortable to use. Likewise, these products had to be priced right so they are a great value to the customer.

With careful updated research, SLLB keeps their customers in mind and never lose sight of the fact that our products play an immense role in changing, influencing and enhancing the lives of our customers.

SLLB is committed to offer the absolute best in customer service whether over the phone, with the live chat feature or with our customers through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more).

Our mission is to continue to: offer the best products, prices and service, guaranteed. Stress Less Live Better makes purchasing fitness equipment fast, easy, convenient and affordable