Benefits of Exercise

Oftentimes we’re so focused on our physical fitness goals that we forget about the various mental benefits of exercise. As uncertainty and the feeling of losing control of everything that’s happening around us are commonly known as some of the biggest stress-inducing factors, this is the time to remind ourselves of the benefits of exercise for the mind.

Whether it’s COVID-19 or just the rigors of daily life that have you feeling down and stressed, exercise can be a great way to boost your mood and improve your overall health.

While self quarantine and social distancing might make daily exercise more challenging, staying active is still possible with a few modifications to your normal routine.

Let’s take a look at the mental benefits of exercise, specific ways physical activity can boost your mood, and a few things you can do to #StayStrong and healthy. 


Being sedentary and staying inside for long periods of time can lead to mild to moderate forms of depression or just general anxiety. With large sections of the world under quarantine and isolation from one another, it’s easy to see how this can be a current problem for many people.

Fortunately, daily exercise has shown to combat many of these depressive symptoms by boosting mood, improving cognitive function, and reducing anxiety.

This is mainly due to increased serotonin levels in the brain during exercise, which is a chemical in the brain that helps to regulate mood, quality of sleep, and the production of new neurons.

Mood disorders have also been linked to a higher likelihood of cardiovascular disease, increased rates of obesity, and diabetes. By improving your mood through exercise, this study has shown that physical exercise can help to decrease the risk for developing these conditions.

So instead of getting down about things, it’s more important now than ever to get up, get moving, and exercise to boost your mood and increase your feelings of well-being.